Lead generation method

In order to achieve a successful collaboration, we follow various steps.

1. Phone call

During a 10-minute phone call, we determine whether a collaboration can be profitable. If this is the case, you will be asked to compile a list of search terms. Based on the information we receive from you, we will work out an offer.

2. Cooperation agreement

When we start our collaboration, we will draw up a cooperation agreement. After signing the cooperation agreement and delivery conditions, you will receive the first invoice. After we receive payment, the following activities are started:

  • Create DAP
  • Process customer profile
  • Comprehensive search term study
  • Elaborate URL-plan mini-site

3. Dossier Agreements and Procedures

In order to structure our collaboration, it is important that working arrangements are set. The agreements are formulated in the DAP, which is a dynamic document. In practice, the process can be adjusted. The adjustments will be included in the DAP.

4. Customer profile

Your ideal customer profile directly influences the net lead volume. The customer profile must be delivered before the start of building the mini-site(s). We owe a qualitatively better lead flow to the right way of communication.

5. Building mini-site(s)

You will receive the second invoice for the development of the mini-sites. One or more mini-sites are built to attract interested customers. As soon as the mini-site(s) are completed, the promotion can start. The amount of mini-sites depends on the amount of products or services you wish to promote. You will receive the third invoice upon completion of the mini-site(s).

6. Promotion of mini-sites

Through the online promotion (SEO) of the mini-sites, lead requests come in. By default, we opt for autonomous ranking positions and traffic to the mini-site(s). If you want to generate sales faster, AdWords-like campaigns (SEA) are among the possibilities.

7. Lead qualification

When a lead comes in, qualification takes place by phone within 2 working hours. If the lead is satisfactory, it will be forwarded to you.

9. Follow-up lead

Within two working hours (eight working hours at the latest), you or your commercial employee should contact the lead. At the end of the month, you will receive the invoice for the number of qualified leads.

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✔ – Exclusive cooperation
✔ – Human lead qualification
✔ – Conversion 80% – 100%
✔ – Guarantee on lead quality
✔ – Transparent rates

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