Buying leads with warranty

Buying leads exclusively for your organization of prospects with a purchase need is what you do at Virgoleads. Our lead generation services are extremely successful if you can follow up the leads within 8 business hours. Virgoleads employees indicate, during the qualification, that you will contact them by phone within 8 business hours. Using an appropriate follow-up, you have a conversion rate of 80% – 100% to new customers.

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Buying leads with warranty

✔ – Exclusive cooperation
✔ – Human lead qualification
✔ – Conversion 80% – 100%
✔ – Guarantee on lead quality
✔ – Transparent rates

Purchase leads in Asia at Virgoleads, through Virgoleads and our methodology means:

  • Exclusive collaboration
  • Human qualification of leads as per your customer profile
  • Conversion 80% – 100% to new customers
  • Clearly defined agreements in the APF
  • Appointments

Virgoleads has three variants for generating leads:

Variant 1: SEO exclusivity (+ SEA)

You get exclusivity in a predetermined region. A website is being built with a whole series of underlying web pages. Leads are called and qualified according to your customer profile. It can take six months before a first lead is generated. If you want to generate leads faster, we can also start an SEA campaign. The collaboration will last for at least one year.

Variant 2: Continuous SEO (+ SEA)

You do not pay for the start-up of a project, but a higher amount per generated lead. You have exclusivity as long as no external party wishes to have the exclusivity for the period of one year. You have a pre-emption right that you can use. Both parties can immediately terminate the cooperation with a notice period of one month. For this variant Virgoleads builds a website with a whole series of underlying web pages. If you want to generate leads faster, we can start an SEA campaign. This is done on the basis of a budget per month.

Variant 3: SEA pilot project

Would you like to test whether there is a need for a product or service? Virgoleads builds a mini-website for this, which is then used for a SEA campaign. We determine the budget and amount per lead in advance. A pilot project can be converted to Variant 1 or 2 upon continuation.

You will find a detailed explanation of the various rates in the rate overview.

At Virgoleads, leads are being qualified by our employees. If the lead looks genuine, the potential customer will be contacted by phone. We ask questions we have composed with you. This way, we can determine whether the lead meets your customer profile. If positively evaluated, the lead will be forwarded to the provided email address. In practice, Virgoleads’ customers are very good follow-ups. We appreciate receiving feedback about sales results.

Leads you buy at Virgoleads are only sold to you. You have indicated which specifics a customer should meet according to your customer profile. These agreements are described in the APF.

The abbreviation means Agreements and Procedures File. In this document, work arrangements are logged to create an optimal workflow. By making clear agreements, we know who in your organization is going to follow up the lead. The feedback about the success is also being logged in the APF. When signed by both parties, the document is in effect.

You can buy leads with an appointment for your field staff. We will put the appointment in the online agenda of your employee. The field employee will check the meeting at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. To create appointments, we need the following:

  • Account online agenda
  • Mail account
  • Default mail texts
  • Feedback

Please let us know if you want to buy business leads, Virgoleads is your partner for Lead Generation in Asia.