Can Virgoleads also generate leads outside Asia?

Answer: Yes, but standard rates do not apply to this. Project prices can be agreed upon in consultation with you.

Higher amounts per lead ensure higher sales, how is that possible?

Answer: With many lead providers everything that enters is a lead. In case of a real lead, you will only score below 10%. In addition, the lead will be resold to your competitors. At Virgoleads, only your organization will receive the lead and you score between 80% – 100%.

Why are Virgoleads rates online?

Answer: Our prices are no secret and neither is our method. We like to create clarity before potential customers approach us. If our rates do not match your budget, a conversation about collaboration is useless.

How many leads will I be going to receive?

Answer: That depends very much on the criteria you have indicated and your market. In several segments, the volume is lower, but the sales are higher.

Does Virgoleads give away a 2,000 THB voucher for a lead that does not meet the requirements?

Answer: Yes, but in practice, Virgoleads does not have to pay. Our qualification process does not allow any mistakes (see working method).

Does Virgoleads have references and can I speak with them?

Answer: Yes, no problem at all.

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✔ – Exclusive cooperation
✔ – Human lead qualification
✔ – Conversion 80% – 100%
✔ – Guarantee on lead quality
✔ – Transparent rates

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